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Mr. Chandrakant Gaikwad

Director/Founder - FCG Grocery

Backed by an extensive 18+ years of experience in the field of farming, Mr. Chandrakant, is the heart and soul of this organization. His immense knowledge in the field of farming has led to a substantial impact on the growth and structure of the company.

Mr. Harish Gaikwad

Director/Founder - FCG Grocery

With a degree in M.S (full degree) and deep-rooted experience of 10 years in farming, Mr. Harish stands as the backbone of the company. He brings along a combination of academic knowledge and an innovative skill set that helps hold FCG tall and strong.

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Agriculture & Eco

We respect our mother nature and care for biodiversity, which is why at FCG, we use innovative techniques infused with modern scientific knowledge to ensure healthy farming and protection of our natural resources.

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