About FCG Grocery

FCG Groceries Pvt Ltd is a major producer, supplier and trader of a large assortment of agricultural products that are extensively used in many industries and business units.

Since 2014, it has established itself for years in the manufacturing, supply and trading of best quality agro-products. Our world-class products and consistent focus on client satisfaction have helped us create a long-lasting place in the market.

Moreover, 130 acres of farming land, 44 years of experience in farming, and acumen to reduce the gaps between demand and supply of agricultural products has led us to climb the ladder to success so far.

At FCG Groceries Pvt Ltd, we have always prioritized the client & his requirements, & their satisfaction remains to be atmost importance to us.

FCG Grocery Products

Fresh Vegetables

Premium quality Tomatoes and Onions- a staple requirement in every kitchen, whether big or small, are available fresh and in their finest form.

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Fruits

A wide range of fresh fruits available all year round, ranging from Bananas to Grapes, Pomegranate, Watermelon, Pappaya and many others...

Fresh Fruits

Fresh Grains

We provide the best quality & various varieties of Cereals, Pulses, widely used plant produces, including Rice, Tuvar Dal, Jafari, Moong, Cotton, Sunflower & Sugar.

Fresh Grains

Modern agriculture types

Agriculture matters to the future of development


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Agriculture & Eco

We respect our mother nature and care for biodiversity, which is why at FCG, we use innovative techniques infused with modern scientific knowledge to ensure healthy farming and protection of our natural resources.

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